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Hello people, I’m Betty, a mother of two very lovely and naughty kids. As a parent, my major concern was based on how my kids are making use of the technology available to them. Yes, technology is seeing a huge rise these days, and children are exposed to all such kinds of facilities at a really young age. The effects can be either good or bad depending on the way they use it and learn from it. Cell phones and tablets are in the hands of children and we have no idea what they could do on it. In such conditions, one surely needs PhoneSheriff to make sure your kids are on the right track.

Increasing incidents of children misusing their tablets and cell phones, getting unwanted calls and messages, getting abused by strangers through these devices, and so on, have created widespread concerns among parents like me. I must say PhoneSheriff now lets me sit back and relax. It gives me the confidence that my children are safe at all times. I can monitor all their activities and restrict them using this powerful parental control software.


If you go in to the advantages and features of PhoneSheriff, it offers everything a parent needs to control activities on tablets and cellphones. Once my child’s phone is connected to the internet, PhoneSheriff does the job of monitoring all the activities on the phone like contacts, calendars, call logs, GPS locations, incoming and outgoing SMS messages, email messages, photos and videos, websites viewed on the browser, and so on. All the activities are continuously recorded, and the details are uploaded to my PhoneSheriff online account while the phone is connected to the internet. I can access this account from anywhere, on my laptop or cell phone.


Since this phone is compatible with all platforms and devices, I have installed it on my teen’s iPhone and my younger kid’s tablet. Managing a teenage daughter is one of the major concerns of a mother. But PhoneSheriff has helped me relax. All PhoneSheriff reviews should help you decide how effective this app is. You need not worry about the price as well; as you can see it is not very costly and fits well in to your budget. Moreover, some kind of PhoneSheriff coupon or the other is definitely available out there to get you this app at a reduced price.

PhoneSheriff Reviews

In order to help know the product in and out, we’ve done a detailed Phonesheriff review. This Phonesheriff review will make you clear with all the highlighting features of the product. It will also make you realize the potential of Phonesheriff in providing a safety net for your family. So it is very important that you read this Phonesheriff review very carefully and analyze each of it’s features. With this you will be able to make most out of the product after you get it for yourself.


Logging Features

With real time logging and monitoring features, I get to know what my kid is doing at any given point of time to make sure they are in safe hands. The logs can be accessed only by me, so there is no issue of leaking privacy. Detailed logging features available on my online PhoneSheriff account.

1. Text Messages

I could read each and every text message that is sent or received on my kids’ devices. It does not matter if the message is deleted immediately after reading. Every message is logged immediately, so even deleted records are available.

Phonesheriff Review

2. iMessages

All iMessage chat conversations on the iPhone are available in detail. I could see the log of every chat on my daughter’s iPhone and even the details of the person she is talking to.

3. Browser history

Every activity on the browser is logged immediately. I get details of every website my children view on their devices. This is extremely useful when you have so many vast resources available online for the kids. It is necessary to ensure that they are exposed to only the right content at such a young age. Anything that is not suitable or above the age for them can also be blocked. I could check out every URL they visit online and see what all they view.

4. Call Log

I get the details of all the incoming and outgoing calls on their phones, along with the numbers and call duration. This helps me know how my children interact with others. Since I am too worried about strangers calling and talking to them or misleading them, this is one feature I find extremely useful. It also gives me an idea about how much time they spend talking with their friends and peers.

phonesheriff reviews

5. Photos and Videos

All the photos and videos taken on the cell phone are immediately uploaded to my online account. This lets me view all their activity in real time.

6. GPS location tracking

Like me, every parent will find this so very reassuring. I can always keep a track on where my kids are at a particular time. It reduces my concern and ensures they are safe all the time. This feature uses Google Maps and the phone GPS to map my child’s current location. I could also see the surroundings, driving directions and other details as well.

7. Apps installed

This gives a list of all the apps that are installed on their devices. Any new installations or deletions are also immediately monitored.

8. Calendar events

All calendar events are immediately tracked, giving me all details about their plans and schedules for the day. The date, time, locations, and all such details are effectively sent to my account.

9. Anti Abduction

This is an extremely useful feature which helps you trace the location. Using Google Maps and street view, the location of the phone is traced. There is the option of taking camera shots and audio recordings of the surroundings as well.


10. Settings

The settings of the app can be changed online via my account. So, it is not important that I have the device in hand to make changes to it.

11. Emails

I get details of all the email messages sent and received.

12. Whatsapp/Blackberry Messenger Log

Whatsapp and blackberry messenger are the latest chatting apps available on the store. They are most commonly used for sending and receiving messages. PhoneSheriff allows me to even view their conversations on these apps effectively.

PhoneSheriff Filtering

An important use of the PhoneSheriff app is that it allows me to filter all kinds of activities on my child’s phone. I find several options like time restrictions, website filtering, app restrictions, and other custom filtering options. This lets me decide when my child would receive calls and when she would not. I can keep all usage under control and also ensure she does not spend too much time on the phone when she is supposed to be studying for her examinations.


I have set filters on my younger kid’s tablet. This makes sure she is not exposed to any kind of adult or abusive content online on the websites or through any other apps. Above all, it also lets me lock or unlock the phone at my end, manage multiple devices, and even take a backup of all data.

PhoneSheriff Alerts

Any kind of misconduct on the phone immediately sends an alert. Any kind of profanity and tampering is immediately notified. All text messages and emails are also scrutinized to check if any sort of profanity was used in them.

Install PhoneSheriff

Getting the app and installing it on the kids’ devices was such an easy task. PhoneSheriff has this official website where I checked out the various PhoneSheriff reviews to make sure I was making the right choice, which I definitely was. I had a PhoneSheriff coupon in hand, which made my purchase even more cost effective. With this PhoneSheriff coupon, I got some amount of discount on the product to reduce the amount I paid for it.

I made the payment on the site and got an email receipt which contained a code. Using this code, I had to create an online account. It also sent me the link to download this application. I got the application downloaded on both my kids’ devices, and I was all set to start. There is no specific set up process. After making the payment, the receipt contained detailed instruction about installing the app, creating the account, and using the various features of the app.

Phonesheriff Review

Using PhoneSheriff

PhoneSheriff helps me track my kids effectively. I have ultimate control over their devices and it helps me ensure they are on track all the time. I need not worry about them falling prey to different kinds of frauds and cheating online. I use it purely for personal uses only. Let me narrate an incident out to you. There was this guy who was continuously calling and messaging my teenage daughter. As a young girl of just 13 years of age, she had absolutely no idea how to deal with it. He was definitely irritating and disturbing her. She was also scared to talk to us about it, as it was her fault that she shared her number with him. I could see her seem worried and disturbed for a few days.

When I checked my online PhoneSheriff account, I saw some messages and continuous calls on her phone. Abusive language was also used in some cases. I waited a while to see her reaction, and when I saw her getting too disturbed and unable to tackle it, I decided to approach her directly. I asked her about her concerns, and she did open up to me. As a mother, I feel we really need to talk to our children and listen to them. Once she told me the whole story, I decided to talk to my husband about it and take the matter in our hands. We talked to the guy’s parents and the matter was resolved in a day. I was so much relieved to see my daughter smile.This is one incident where I thank PhoneSheriff for informing me on time about what is happening on my child’s phone.

6 Months

$49 /

1 Year


Pros & Cons Of Phonesheriff


  • Easy to install and use
  • Technical support is amazing. They helped me fix some of my issues in just 2 min.
  • SMS messages can be forwarded free of cost
  • The control panel is absolutely secured
  • It offers 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied


  • The device needs to be GPS enable for effective tracking
  • The stealth mode is no longer supported. 

In short, PhoneSheriff is an amazing app that I would definitely recommend to all the parents out there. With PhoneSheriff coupon, your purchase will definitely become much more effective. It is hard for me to imagine what I would have done if PhoneSheriff was not available. Its advanced monitoring features make life much easier for me and all other parents who use it. Read all the PhoneSheriff reviews and understand how well it can be used before you buy it for your kids. Install it on their devices and monitor them effectively. Happy parenting!



Ease of Use






        User Friendly


          Customer Support



            • - Easy to install and use
            • - Technical support is amazing. They helped me fix some of my issues in just 2 min
            • - SMS messages can be forwarded free of cost
            • - The control panel is absolutely secured
            • - It offers 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied


            • - The device needs to be GPS enable for effective tracking
            • - The stealth mode is no longer supported